Buy a new floor mat for the car: Which should I choose

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Are you looking for new floor mats for your car? You will now find beautiful, high-quality models at reasonable prices in our online store.

They protect the floor space from dirt and moisture. Ideally, they provide optical enhancement. Sooner (for simple models) or later (for quality models), wear and tear makes replacement necessary. Did this just happen to you? Are you looking for an optical or functional improvement? So get inspired for your online purchase here.

So even liquid and greasy dirt can be removed from a rubber mat without leaving any residue. Likewise, this also applies to unpleasant odors associated with contamination.

Suffice to say, you will appreciate this benefit at the latest when neglected heirlooms of dogs or cats end up on the carpet via the soles of your shoes. However, for superficial cleaning, it is sufficient to spray the rubber mats vigorously with the garden hose. In addition, for deep cleaning, an all-purpose cleaner or tire foam and a soft scrub brush are also used.

Velvet floor mats – stylish contemporaries

First, velor rugs are characterized by a rough surface. Thus, with this property, the most important advantage is already evident: the standing fibers act as dirt traps and prevent the spread of dust and sand in the floor. Many car owners choose velor mats because of their premium and stylish appearance. It shouldn’t be difficult to find models that match the color of your car’s interior.

However, velor mats are more delicate and harder to clean than rubber mats. Basically, you’re buying small rugs with these mats and that’s how they should be treated. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. During the cold and wet months, it is often unavoidable to leave wet soil outside when stepping on the mats. Some car owners solve the problem in a practical way: velor mats for the half year from April to September, rubber mats for the half year from October to March.

However, dry dirt can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. If a lot of sand has accumulated, you can also bravely hit a mat first. Adherent dirt can be removed by soaking the velor mat in a soapy solution of hot water and liquid soap. Then brush the carpet thoroughly in water and remove the soap with the showerhead.

Leatherette floor mats – strong and sturdy at the same time

First of all, high-quality synthetic leather mats combine many of the advantages that rubber and suede models have to offer. They are both sturdy and weather resistant, easy to clean and have an elegant aesthetic. The type of imitation leather is often XPE leather. The abbreviation refers to the famous PE (polyethylene), although it is present here in a cross-linked structure.

This makes the material both more abrasion resistant and more thermally stable. however, in terms of price, XPE leather floor mats are in the upper segment. Thus, for cleaning, it is usually sufficient to spray the carpet with a cleaning product and then wipe it with a damp cloth. In addition, regular treatment with a care oil is recommended for synthetic leather.

Surfaces and edges of car floor mats

Virtually all vehicle floor mats have a more or less structured surface. So, with rubber mats, it can be honeycomb reinforcements or square treads. However, the aluminum look is also very popular. It mimics the diagonal rib structure of aluminum control plates. The structure gives the feet a better grip and helps to fix the earth. Furthermore, in the case of velor carpets, the textile fabric of the surfaces is by definition structured or rough.

If floor mats have a raised edge, they are also called shell mats. The raised edge performs an important protective function. It prevents liquids from running off the carpet. On the other hand, if sugary drinks like juice or cola get on the surface, the car owner is saved a lot of work cleaning the floor.

Attractive floor mats with patterns and lettering

Individualization is progressing and this evolution does not stop at floor mats. Anyone who enjoys looking down on a beautifully designed floor mat has no problem doing so as a car driver. In addition to patterned designs, floor mats with lettering are also very popular with car enthusiasts.

Floor mats that fit your vehicle perfectly

First of all, floor mats are available for most new vehicle models, which are precisely matched to the respective size ratios. These may be the same models that were available at the time of purchase or a different version. Mats are often available in four pieces for the front and rear. A boot mat can also be included.

Order floor mats for your vehicle online now

Take the opportunity to take a tour of our online store . You will easily find floor mats for your car that perfectly match your ideas.

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