Electric SUV: everything you need to know!

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Buying a new vehicle can sometimes turn into a complex experience. It can be particularly difficult to identify the model that best suits our needs, due to the profusion of brands, body styles and engines available today.

However, if you are looking for a versatile and multitasking vehicle, an SUV could be a good choice.

Nowadays and all over the world, people are becoming more and more fond of SUVs. They discover the many advantages offered by these vehicles compared to traditional sedans.

Why should I buy an SUV?

More and more buyers are realizing that affordability and practicality are no longer the prerogative of small city cars. SUVs offer all these advantages and many more: for example, they allow a higher driving position, more storage space and easier access, without overshadowing their family aspect.

Buyers also find that there is a huge choice of SUVs. Ford, which has been manufacturing SUVs for more than 50 years, offers a very complete range of vehicles in this segment. Each is designed to meet the needs of all driver profiles.

How many seats do I actually need?

Imagine you’re going on a picnic: what’s the use of bringing a suitcase full of climbing equipment with you? This would simply be unthinkable and illogical!

Similarly, when you choose a vehicle, you can’t imagine paying for features you don’t need. You also cannot imagine buying a vehicle equipped with additional seats if you do not plan to take advantage of them. And that’s okay!

For what ? Simply because a compact SUV is easier to park and maneuver around town during rush hour. Such a vehicle will also offer you enough storage space to bring your groceries home. For a weekend, for example, it will also allow you to make occasional trips out of town.

Do I really intend to think outside the box?

We all have more or less the fantasy of owning an SUV capable of accomplishing extreme trips in the desert or on side roads.

But let’s ask ourselves the following question: how many times have we really driven off the beaten track in the last few months?

Among the most widely held beliefs is that SUVs are designed to be driven in the toughest conditions. This is not completely true since each SUV model has different off-road skills. It is therefore up to you to identify what are the real capacities you need and which SUV will be able to respond to them in the best way.

For example, if you live in a city where seasonal flooding can become a problem, an SUV will give you better ground clearance for crossing a ford. Some SUVs are even designed to cross deep water.

Also beware of these SUVs which look like great adventurers but which are not necessarily capable of venturing on bogged down paths or crossing rivers. So make sure that the SUV you are considering buying is capable of doing what you are going to ask of it!

Are high-tech gadgets really important to me?

Who better than yourself to know exactly what you want? If, for example, you are the type to surround yourself with electronic devices and as a perfect geek you look forward to the day when social media will be downloaded directly into your brain, then you will rather opt for a vehicle loaded with high toys. -tech

If you are still a techie, but also need an SUV suitable for the needs of your family, then a modern mid-size SUV will easily accommodate all your loved ones, while offering you a compilation of the latest technologies. : interactive touch screens, Bluetooth connectivity, voice-activated GPS, etc.

Ford Tunisia thus offers the Ford Kuga (See Link) , a mid-size SUV. This vehicle offers enough space to comfortably accommodate a whole family on board. It also offers a more than sufficient endowment in embedded technology. This equipment includes, for example, the electronic parking assistant (the vehicle is able to park on its own autonomously), but also the possibility of automatically opening the tailgate of the trunk without using your hands, just by passing your foot under the rear bumper.

Do I need a fuel efficient vehicle?

This is a trick question! After all, who these days doesn’t care about fuel economy? The good news is that modern SUVs are generally very fuel efficient. Make sure the SUV you’re considering takes a holistic approach to improving fuel economy, features advanced engine technologies and a thoughtful aerodynamic design.

How much am I willing to spend?

Only you can answer this question! Be aware, however, that manufacturers such as Ford offer a wide range of SUV models accessible to all budgets and able to meet almost any imaginable need. No matter what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend: you will always find an SUV that will meet your needs and your budget!

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