Manufacturer’s recommendation and maintenance plan

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the technical characteristics of the vehicle on the cover page (make, model, engine, chassis number , registration number, its empty weight and its payload, etc.),

advice on the daily maintenance of the vehicle and on its cleaning,

a vehicle maintenance plan detailing the frequency of maintenance work to be carried out, depending on the age of the vehicle and the number of km travelled, a plan often presented in the form of tables,

The mechanic in charge of repairs and maintenance operations of an automobile or other vehicle records each operation in the logbook. He will thus note the date of his intervention, the mileage of the vehicle, the nature of his intervention and the date of the next visit or the number of km to be covered before this one.

Ensure the safety and proper functioning of your vehicle

To drive in complete safety and limit the risk of breakdown and accident, respecting the frequency of servicing is a good strategy. During these revisions, the following elements are checked:

the condition and pressure of the tires and everything related to it (arm, bearing, ball joint, dust cover, etc.),

  1. clogging of filters (air filters, oil filters, etc.),
  2. the proper functioning of candles, lights…
  3. the condition of the battery and brake pads,
  4. the fluid level (gearbox oil, brake fluid, coolant, etc.),
  5. exhaust and wipers.

By contributing to the safety of the vehicle, the maintenance log contributes to fulfilling the obligations provided for in article L.311-1 of the Highway Code “Vehicles must be built, marketed, operated, used, maintained and, where necessary, repaired in such a way as to ensure the safety of all road users.”

The car maintenance book and the manufacturer’s warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty, which lasts from 2 to 7 years, protects the owner of a vehicle against possible malfunctions affecting certain electrical and electronic components, as well as certain mechanical parts. In order not to lose the benefit of this guarantee, the owner must carry out the servicing operations noted in the maintenance book , this document then serving as the specifications. Indeed, the risk of breakdown is less frequent on a well-maintained vehicle. The good keeping of the notebook thus proves that the negligence of the motorist is not the cause of the failure. It should, however, be noted that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover components, wear parts such as tires,

Since 2002 and in accordance with a decision of the European Commission ( regulation n° 1004/2002 ), car maintenance operations can be carried out in any garage and not only in a manufacturer’s workshop. The garage must then comply with the recommendations in the maintenance booklet.

The maintenance book and the sale of the vehicle

The maintenance book, unlike the up-to-date gray card , the non-pledge certificate and any technical inspection report, is not one of the documents that must be submitted by the seller of a used vehicle . But being able to present a maintenance log with a follow-up of the various operations is a security for the buyer of a used vehicle .

Who provides the maintenance log?

The manufacturer has the obligation to draw up a maintenance log, taking into account the particularities of the vehicle, model, type of engine, etc. This log is given by the dealer to the buyer of a new car, a new motorcycle, a new motorhome, a new utility etc.

The maintenance booklet is also provided for electric cars . For this type of vehicle, the maintenance operations are less than for thermal cars. Thus, there is no oil change to be carried out and no timing belt or spark plug to replace.

Is the vehicle maintenance book mandatory on board?

Although this is often the case, the maintenance log is not necessarily kept on board the vehicle. Indeed, in the event of a roadside check, only the car registration document (registration certificate), the insurance certificate, the driving license and the technical inspection report are to be presented, if the car is more than 4 years old ( article R233-1 of the Highway Code ).

Where can I find the maintenance booklet for my car?

The maintenance booklet in paper version has a compact format and can therefore easily slip into the glove box of the car.

The maintenance book of a car online the dematerialized maintenance book

The digital maintenance plan is an alternative to the paper logbook. It is offered by many manufacturers, at Audi since November 2012 for example, or by independent players. This digital notebook has the advantage of avoiding loss, damage and is secure. The risk of falsification of the service book is thus greatly reduced. In addition, some services offer to send a notification when a revision date approaches. The management of vehicle maintenance is thus delegated.

The dematerialized maintenance log is available on computer but also on tablet and smartphone.

Are you selling a vehicle? In order to reassure potential buyers, you can mention on your ad “Up-to-date car maintenance book”. In addition, you can provide a link to the official history of the vehicle , in addition to the mechanic’s invoices and any technical inspection.

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