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The maintenance log of a car makes it possible to know the history of its maintenance as well as to plan its future revisions. It indeed contains its past repairs and the periodicity of change of its parts. If the maintenance book is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to ask for it when buying a used car .

🚗 What is a car maintenance log?

📝 What does the maintenance book contain?

🔍 Is the car maintenance book mandatory?

📍 Where can I find a car maintenance book?

🚘 How do I get a maintenance log?

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🚗 What is a car maintenance log?

What is the service book for?

Your car’s maintenance log is a bit like its health log. It is supplied by the manufacturer with your new car when it is purchased and must follow your vehicle throughout its life. The various mechanics brought to work on your car so you can follow its revisions and previous interventions.

The maintenance log of a car also allows you to follow the deadlines for servicing or changing parts of your vehicle . It is therefore the follow-up of the maintenance of your vehicle. It allows you to know the condition, age and mileage of its organs and everything related to the reliability and condition of your car

The monitoring of operations and repairs carried out on a vehicle is an obligation provided for by the highway code . The maintenance booklet is adapted to each car and allows motorists to drive a vehicle without danger to their safety and that of others.

Your car is made up of many wearing parts that need to be replaced periodically. The maintenance log allows you to know these change intervals . Certain checks must also be carried out regularly, and the maintenance booklet also specifies these recommendations.

In short, the maintenance log allows you to know all the history of the interventions and maintenance carried out on a car. The role of the maintenance log is therefore to:

The maintenance booklet also contains the manufacturer’s warranties and its recommendations on the frequency of servicing or replacement of certain parts ( tyres , shock absorbers , brakes , etc.). Naturally, you will also find in your service book the list of repairs and overhauls carried out previously.

Finally, your service book also contains information on the repairs to be carried out on your car: how to change a tire or the battery , etc. Tips on cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle are also included.

When buying a used car , the maintenance log allows you to be sure of its condition and to know its liabilities, i.e. the history of its revisions and repairs. If you are about to buy a used vehicle , we therefore recommend that you ask the previous owner.

However, the law does not matter to him to provide it to you. The maintenance logbook is not mandatory . However, beware if they refuse to give it to you: this should make you doubt the condition of the car. A car without a service book is not a good sign. However, it is of course possible that the service book has been lost.

The maintenance booklet is also not compulsory on board your car. However, we recommend that you keep your maintenance book up to date and keep it in a place where you can access it if necessary, for example in your glove box .

The vehicle maintenance booklet is given to you when you buy a new car. For a used car , it is highly recommended to demand it from the previous owner. It allows you to know the history of the maintenance of the vehicle but also to have advice on the repairs that you can do yourself as well as on its cleaning and on the periodicity of its revisions .

If the service book has not been given to you or you have lost yours, you can request a new one from your dealer. It is also possible to download and print a car service book online.

By going through your dealer, you should be able to get a new service book for your car. Some manufacturers also have an online service allowing you to obtain a dematerialized maintenance log. This is not always as complete as an original maintenance book but will at least contain a schedule of the maintenance to be carried out on your car.

Finally, there are Internet sites allowing you to obtain a car maintenance booklet to download or print, sometimes free of charge. Most of the time, it is necessary to indicate the make and model of the car, its mileage, its date of entry into service and its registration number. The service will then offer you a schedule of the services to be carried out on your car.

You now know what the service book is for! It is important to keep it up to date by giving it to your mechanic each time your car is serviced or repaired, as it allows you to know the history of its maintenance and to know when the parts have been changed. In the event of a dispute, it will also be very useful to you.

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